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For Derrick Heydon, he knew that he was going to be a DJ as far back as 20 years ago, thanks to the unsupervised influence of MTV and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  As a middle schooler, Heydon got his first taste of mixing when he bought an electric guitar with his detasseling money and started recording songs from scratch on to cassette tapes. 


Fast forward to 2006, when Heydon is stationed in Southern California with the US Marines and gets hired part-time as a security guard for a nightclub in San Diego on the weekends.  When a DJ failed to show up for his set, Heydon's manager asked him to fill in which led to Derrick getting hired on as the club's Resident DJ.  Over the years, he would go on to perform on stages in some of the best clubs in Los Angeles, San Diego & Las Vegas.

In 2014, Heydon moved back to his hometown of Lincoln, NE to be closer to his family and started to DJ as a full-time career by starting a DJ company, Crown DJ's.  Today, Heydon is booked for over 60 events per year in Lincoln, Omaha, Columbus and Kansas City and loving every minute of it!

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