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  • Derrick Heydon

Bride’s ‘shocking’ secret revealed at wedding

For any bride, going viral on your wedding day cannot exactly be the greatest thing ever. Right? This is a day that you want everything to be perfect, and unless you have a 6 or 7 figure budget it's hard to go viral without something out of the ordinary taking place.

Such is the case for Katie Young, a Scottish newlywed whose husband hilariously told the embarrassing truth about the night they met while giving a toast at their reception.

The moment was shared on TikTok by the wedding photographer and since has over 1.7 million views with 90 thousand likes.

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As laughter filled the room, Ian Young shared his recap of how the night went. He said they were getting to know each other better over drinks. However, shortly after their first kiss the night took an unexpected turn.

Being the gentleman that he is, Ian went outside to fetch drinks for the two of them

only to come back into the room seeing her making out a different guy.

The room dissolved into laughter as she couldn't help but hide behind her hands, as he joked: “I realize now this is a fairly common occurrence for Kate."

“In true style of my own, I just downed the two drinks and went back on the dance floor.”

He finished by saying that “still nervous to go to the bar and leave Katie unattended,” and jokingly added: "This marriage could be over tonight."

The response to Ian's shameless revelation has been massive, with many mixed reviews by people commenting that they didn't see the twist coming and others saying that calling her out at the reception was "savage".

Which begs to question if Ian was forced to sleep on the couch on their wedding night.

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