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  • Derrick Heydon

Can a Wedding DJ play ANY song?

Everybody has their own musical preference and they all want to hear their favorite songs at the party.

When its your wedding night and you're shaking your groove thing out on the dance floor, the last thing that you should be worried about is whether or not your DJ has a particular song. And, if not, can they get it?

In most cases, a good DJ will be able to download a high quality version of the song within a few minutes. However, there are songs that can only be found on YouTube or Spotify which can occasionally be very unpredictable when it comes to sound quality.

Wedding DJ's should have tens of thousands of songs and updating their music library regularly, so if they don't have a particular track then it could be a sign that your song request is less danceable and that's probably why they don't have it.

The "Do Not Play" list is sometimes just as important as the "Play" list

Prior to your wedding day, you'll want to make sure your DJ has a pretty good idea about what your musical taste is like and what you'll want to hear that evening so that they can create a highly personalized experience for the entire event. So you'll want to make sure that you turn in any requests to your DJ in advance, this is so they can scan their library and go get any songs they didn't already have.

Any professional DJ should be confident in their ability to read the room and play music that creates an uplifting and satisfying vibe that everyone will enjoy. Not everyone on your guestlist will appreciate the same music as you and that's perfectly fine because your DJ should be able to cater to the crowd within the confines of your musical preference.

There are some DJ's out there who can be a bit pretentious, forget that this day is not about them and refuse to play a song if they don't like it. But you will want your DJ to use their judgment and filter out any songs that could have a negative impact on the celebration.

Try not to get too carried away with the "Do Not Play" list though because too many restrictions could be detrimental to the party.

So, can a Wedding DJ play ANY song?

If you feel like you've hired the perfect Wedding DJ for your reception and you trust their judgment, skills and ability to keep the party going - yes. This is why you hire a professional in the first place. Their job is to use their expertise and knowledge to make your wedding night truly special.

Derrick Heydon is the owner of Crown DJ's LLC. Please follow @crowndjco on Instagram. And we'd love to be a part of your special night, check us out at

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