How to Get Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

A packed dance floor is the surefire sign of a good time, right?

That's why many brides might panic as their wedding night approaches because they worry that nobody is going to dance at their reception.

So we decided to share a few party tricks to help you avoid being let down on your big day.

Hire a Professional DJ

Even though it may seem like a DJ is just a DJ, there's a big difference between being in the club and at a wedding. And it's crucial that you hire one that has tons of wedding experience because the perfect DJ can help turn your night into something that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Before putting down a deposit, you should be checking their reviews and social media accounts. Someone great will have received plenty of glowing reports from previous clients. Just don't want to waste any time, as many top DJs are typically filling dates approximately 8 to 12 months in advance.

Also, keep in mind that 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to hiring a Wedding DJ so picking one solely based on price could be a big mistake.

Set the mood

Depending on it's length, there will be approximately 80-120 songs played at your reception and the first 40 or so are strategically used to get everyone in the mood to celebrate.

People need to be in the right mindset if you want them to spend the whole night dancing and it starts by playing music that a wide age range of people like at a tempo that is parallel to what's happening next.

One thing that often gets overlooked by couples when it comes to setting the mood is not understanding the role that lighting plays in setting the mood, especially as the dancing is about to begin. The easiest way to get the party started is to have the lights lowered so that they can dance like nobody's watching.

Share your favorite songs

While your DJ is the expert when it comes to compiling a top-notch setlist, it's still your wedding and they'll want to know what kind of music that you absolutely love.

You can rely on music streaming services, such as Spotify or Apple Music, to create playlists that are filled with your favorite songs. And each playlist has a link that you can send to your DJ to see.

Your DJ will then be able to use the skill to build out a potential setlist based on your musical taste.

Try to keep the 'Do Not Play' List to a minimum

Sure, everyone has those certain songs that they can't stand but you should think twice before completely disallowing it from being played at your reception.

But just because you might be sick and tired of "Old Town Road" doesn't mean that your guests won't go crazy over it. Try to give your DJ ammo to rock the party and not take it away.

However, one obvious exception to this rule is asking the DJ not to play music that has any profanity in it.

Set a good example

Nobody stands out more at a reception hall than the bride and groom and everyone will be paying attention to what you are doing all night long. So it's important that you realize the biggest reason why people don't dance at weddings is because the couple isn’t on the dance floor, too.

You'll want to take your pictures before the reception and mingle with your guests during cocktail hour and/or dinner so that you won't be pulled away from the party too frequently.

Then when it's all going down, encourage your friends and relatives to join you out there. Request songs to share a dance with your grandma or grandpa. And start a dance off between the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Read the crowd

Most DJs will tell you that they keep the dance floor busy by playing more uptempo music than they do with slow jams. While stylings may vary from DJ to DJ, one thing remains true — they need to be reading the crowd.

A professional DJ knows to be reading the crowd as early as cocktail hour to figure out what gets them swaying in the chair or singing along. Later in the night, they'll have them singing at the top of their lungs to all of their favorite songs. And song requests will be coming in as the DJ already has it cued up to play next.

Take pictures

Here’s a trick straight out of the Wedding DJ’s playbook, and it really works! Just ask the photographer to take group photos of guests on your dance floor.

This is almost guaranteed to get a big response from the crowd, especially if they've had a few drinks already.

Make sure the photographer is on your side and have them help you work the crowd to keep the party roaring.

No interruptions

Nothing is worse than having to stop everything when the crowd gets going. You'll want to make sure that you've checked every box, such as toasts, cake cutting and any important announcements, before you start dancing.

Talk with your DJ ahead of time so that they can review the schedule of events. This way they can help you avoid ruining the flow of the night and can plan for maximum uninterrupted dancing.

Share with us any party-starting tricks that you have up your sleeve!

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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