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  • Derrick Heydon

How to pick a Wedding DJ

Here's the top questions to ask yourself when trying to decide who the DJ should be at your wedding.

Picture taken by Shandie Stewart Photography

#1 What's their reputation like?

Looking up someone's reviews on Facebook or Google is great, but it might not tell you enough about the person that you're getting.

That's why I recommend doing a little extra digging by checking out their personal profile on Facebook or typing that person's name into Google to see what else you find. You never know what you'll find, good or bad.

Don't be afraid to ask the other vendors that you've hired, such as venue or photographer, if they've seen them in action before. Maybe they have a unique observation that they can share that you didn't find in their reviews.

#2 Have they ever DJ'ed at my venue?

Every reception hall has a different layout and some DJs might struggle to find the right volume so that everyone can hear if they've never worked in that room before. And if the DJ has performed there, what does the venue have to say about them?

I had a venue owner tell me about a time when the DJ was getting a lot of complaints about not be able to hear the speeches and announcements. So they went over the PA System to say: "It's not my fault you can't hear anything back there, okay? This venue is really bad." Needless to say that particular DJ is never allowed back at their place.

Also, it's not a bad idea to ask your venue if there's any DJs that they prefer.

#3 Do they carry their own liability insurance?

You'd be surprised how many DJs there are out there performing without any kind of liability insurance. So when a guest trips over a cord or a speaker falls on top of someone, who is responsible? The short answer is, probably you.

Accidents happen unfortunately and you don't want to be stuck paying for someone's $50,000 hospital bill just because you hired a DJ that didn't have a policy.

#4 How long will it take for them to set up and tear down?

A DJ's set up and tear down time might be the most overlooked aspects when it comes to their impact on your wedding day and overall budget.

Some DJs require a lot more time than others and they may not be willing to do it within the timeframe that you'll be setting up and tearing down, which might result in the venue charging you extra to have an employee there to come early or stay later.

#5 Do I trust them?

Just to put it plain and simple, go with your gut instinct because if someone seems like a shady character then they probably are one. The person you hire to DJ at your wedding plays a very important role in how you'll remember this day so you're seeing some red flags then it probably means you should go with someone else.

Derrick Heydon is the owner of Crown DJ's LLC. Please follow @crowndjco on Instagram. And we'd love to be a part of your special night, check us out at

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