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  • Derrick Heydon

Kanye West incident sparks bigger debate about uninvited guests

By now you've probably heard all of the uproar about rapper Kanye West showing up at the former US president Donald Trump's house in Mar-a-Lago with an uninvited guest.

As expected Trump's political rivals are losing their minds over the matter, rightfully so.

It's worth noting that reports have gone out that Trump was expecting the encounter to be a one-on-one meeting between him and Ye, and he was livid for being set up like that.

But regardless of whatever your political beliefs are and how you might feel about this particular topic, this is actually something that I see happening quite often at weddings — uninvited guests showing up to the reception, also known as wedding crashers.

Unfortunately, you're much more likely to see your fiancé's ex than Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn crash your wedding.

And I feel like a white supremacist crashing a meeting with the former president is the equivalent of a bride's ex-boyfriend crashing her wedding just like Garth Brooks demonstrated in his hit song "Friends In Low Places".

However, the most common scenario that I hear about is having someone that you invited to bring a +1 and actually brings +6. And the biggest reason that this is a big no-no is because adding 5 more mouths to feed means that there is a pretty good chance that a handful of people will go unfed. I see this happen a lot, especially at small town weddings.

So if someone decides to crash your wedding, how are you supposed to handle it?

As the bride or groom, I recommend that you designate someone to put out fires ahead of your big day. For example, if the groom has a buddy that decides to crash the wedding and starts pounding beers at the bar then the best man or a groomsman would be an appropriate candidate to politely ask that person to leave.

As a Wedding DJ, I see this issue very often at wedding and the worst thing that you could do about it is let it bother you.

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