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  • Derrick Heydon

Never hire a photographer if they recommend doing this at your wedding

Trigger Warning: The information shared in this blog post might considered upsetting to some wedding photographers.

A grand exit is a signature moment that allows you to end your wedding reception in a fun and festive way while everyone there wishes you well heading into this next chapter of life together.

There are many ways for you to make your exit special, but one way could ruin your entire reception and it's still being suggested by wedding photographers allover the United States and it needs to stop in 2023.

The fake exit.

When your photographer is only contracted to be at the wedding for a certain amount of time, they might convince you to switch up your entire timeline in order to take advantage of their services while they are there. That is because they care more about making your wedding look like it was the best day ever rather than actually making it a reality.

Depending on whenever it gets dark on your wedding night, your photographer will casually approach the DJ and tell them to announce for the guests to stop dancing and form two lines outside the front door.

[insert cringe here]

Staging a "fake" grand exit not only disrupts the flow of the evening but it's enough to make some guests to leave early. This is a very confusing moment for some people as they might assume that the party is over and should go home.

You should expect at least 33% of your guests to leave after doing a fake exit.

Many photographers place a heavy emphasis on creating these false picture perfect moments that will look so great hanging up on the walls throughout your house and posted on Facebook.

What these photographers don't tell you is how straining they can be on the timeline and what a nuisance to you, your fiancée and family it will be to get those pictures taken. You'll end up spending more time taking pictures than enjoying your actual wedding night because you're constantly getting pulled away to take them.

Once you arrive at the reception, your DJ or coordinator is now in charge and will run the show to keep things moving along smoothly. Anything that creates tension or disruption to the timeline will give your guests an excuse to leave early and be upsetting to your other vendors.

Before you hire a wedding photographer, it's important for you to know what moments you'll cherish most. Whether its photos of you getting ready, romantic pictures in a field, walking down the aisle at your ceremony, the grand entrance at your reception or the send-off at the end of the night - you need to address your entire timeline upfront before signing a contract so that you can get the full price and won't have to create any "fake" moments.

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