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VIBO: The Ultimate DJ Planning App for a Seamless Celebration

One of the more crucial aspects that will set the tone for your wedding night is the music. Selecting the perfect tracks, building a timeline, and coordinating with your DJ might sound a little overwhelming. Until now! Crown DJ's is now using VIBO, the innovative wedding DJ planning app, to revolutionize the way you plan your wedding and it's music.

With its impressive features and seamless integration, VIBO ensures that your special day is filled with unforgettable melodies and stress-free planning. Integrated with popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, VIBO opens up a world of endless possibilities. It allows you to access an extensive library of songs from various genres and eras, simplifying the process of finding the perfect tracks for your wedding playlist. Say goodbye to tedious manual searches and hello to an effortless music selection process.

Build Your Timeline and Pick Out Music

With VIBO, you'll be able to build a detailed timeline and handpick songs for each moment of your special day. Whether you envision romantic melodies setting the tone during the ceremony, upbeat tunes creating an energetic atmosphere for the grand entrance, or soulful tracks enhancing the magic of your first dance, VIBO ensures that every moment is complemented by the perfect soundtrack.

The app's intuitive interface makes it easy to create playlists tailored to your preferences. You can effortlessly customize the order of songs, ensuring a smooth and seamless flow of music throughout the event. Additionally, VIBO goes beyond just selecting songs by allowing you to add personalized notes or dedications for each segment. Whether it's a heartfelt message to your partner during the first dance or a special dedication to loved ones during a memorable moment, VIBO lets you infuse your wedding music with personal touches, making it truly unique.

Plan at Your Own Speed

Planning a wedding often involves juggling multiple responsibilities, making it crucial to have a planning tool that accommodates your busy schedule. VIBO recognizes the importance of flexibility and convenience, which is why it automatically saves your progress. This feature ensures that you can plan at your own pace without the fear of losing your valuable decisions and arrangements. Whether you have a spare few minutes during lunch breaks or dedicated planning sessions, VIBO keeps track of your progress, allowing you to seamlessly pick up where you left off.

The app's seamless synchronization takes the convenience a step further by enabling you to switch between devices effortlessly. Whether you prefer planning on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, VIBO ensures that all your changes and updates are instantly synced across all your devices. This means you can start planning on your phone during your commute and seamlessly continue on your computer when you're at home. The flexibility to plan wherever and whenever it's convenient for you adds a level of convenience that streamlines the wedding planning process.

Available on iPhone and Android

Whether you're an iOS enthusiast or an Android aficionado, you can enjoy the benefits of VIBO's user-friendly interface and convenient features. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that you and your partner can collaborate effortlessly, making joint music decisions and planning together, regardless of your device preference.

Integration with Spotify and Apple Music

VIBO's integration with Spotify and Apple Music is a game-changer when it comes to selecting the perfect music for your wedding. Instead of spending countless hours searching for individual songs, VIBO simplifies the process by connecting you to these popular music streaming platforms. With access to an extensive library of songs spanning different genres and eras, you have a virtually unlimited selection of tracks at your disposal.

The convenience of this integration cannot be overstated. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can search for specific songs, preview them, and seamlessly add them to your wedding playlist.

Also, it allows you to explore curated playlists, recommended tracks, and popular wedding song collections by the Crown DJ's team. This feature not only saves you time but also introduces you to new and exciting music that you might have overlooked otherwise.

Flawless Sync with DJ Software

VIBO's impeccable synchronization capabilities ensure that all your meticulously planned details reach your DJ effortlessly. This feature eliminates the risk of miscommunication, ensuring that the DJ understands your musical preferences, playlist order, and timeline with precision.

The integration of VIBO with our DJ software is a game-changer in the wedding planning industry. It establishes a true partnership between the app, the couple, and the DJ, resulting in a flawless musical experience on your big day. By seamlessly communicating your chosen tracks, playlist order, and timeline to the DJ, VIBO eliminates the need for manual handovers or cumbersome communication methods. This streamlines the process and ensures that your wedding DJ has all the necessary information at their fingertips.


With VIBO, planning the music for your wedding becomes an exciting and stress-free experience. Its integration with popular music platforms, ability to build timelines and pick out songs, progress-saving feature, cross-platform availability, and flawless sync with DJ software make it the ultimate wedding DJ planning app. Say goodbye to the days of scattered notes and countless spreadsheets, and embrace the convenience of VIBO as you curate the soundtrack to your happily ever after. Let VIBO be your digital wedding DJ companion, ensuring that your special day is filled with harmonious memories that last a lifetime.

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