What a Wedding DJ Really Does

Updated: Apr 3

So you’ve picked out a wedding venue, lined up a photographer and decided on centerpieces for the tables. Now the hard part is over, right?


You may not realize this but the person you hire to DJ at your reception could potentially ruin it all unless you understand everything that a Wedding DJ really does before signing a contract.

The truth is that anyone is capable of pressing play but it takes a true professional when it comes to being a Wedding DJ, especially if you're not hiring a wedding planner for your big day. This forces your DJ to step up big time and oversee just about every detail as it pertains to your wedding.

A DJ has a wide range of responsibilities, from consulting with the couple about the music and timeline weeks in advance to ensuring that everything is happening on time and running smoothly.

It's also important that your DJ is keeping all of your guests and other vendors informed about key events, just in case they'd like to stray away from their conversations and partake in the festivities as they're happening because grandma probably isn't going to be happy if she doesn't know when the bride and groom are cutting the cake.

Then, you need to understand that music is one of the essential components of your entire wedding day because not only will music be playing when you walk down the aisle, get introduced at the reception hall and during your first dance, but it will also be setting the mood for you and your guests throughout the entire day.

If ever you find yourself struggling to pick out music for any part of your wedding, you should be able to tell your DJ about your vision for a specific moment and they can suggest several songs that would be the perfect fit.

Also, your Wedding DJ will be responsible for getting people on to the dance floor. They need to have a massive collection of hit songs and perfect timing of when to play each song that the crowd will love.

And lastly, it is strongly recommended that you always check a DJ's ratings and reviews before hiring them to get a full grasp of their skill, personality and experience. Their reviews give you an idea of their credibility and what it might be like to have them at your wedding.

So if you're looking for a Wedding DJ in Lincoln, Omaha or the surrounding areas, Crown DJ's would love to chat with you about your big day and go over our pricing guide with you.


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