What are Virtual Weddings?

The coronavirus threw a major dagger into everyone's plans for 2020, and anyone that's been planning a wedding to happen this year is unfortunately no exception to this.

The shelter-in-place mandates that were abruptly issued by local governments in March forced engaged couples to seek out alternate plans, with some deciding to significantly downsize their guest list to allow no more than 10 people to be there in-person and invite everyone else to watch a live-stream of the ceremony, toasts or first dance on Zoom or Facebook Live, also known as a Virtual Wedding.

Even though a Virtual Wedding might not be a part of your original plans, this is a growing trend that we are seeing pop up at weddings allover the United States due to ongoing travel restrictions that are keeping your long distance friends and family members from being their in-person.

Also, having a Virtual Wedding is a great way to include your higher risk guests that are unable to attend because they are taking extra precautions to avoid getting sick during this pandemic.

After several weeks of testing, Crown DJ's is proud to announce that we are fully prepared to start offering Virtual Weddings to all of our clients going forward. Keep reading to learn more about the experience we can provide for your Virtual Wedding.

The hardware we are using

Many online resources are saying (like Vogue) that all you need is a phone to broadcast this event and I couldn't disagree more.

Let's face it -- our smartphones have a very crappy microphone in them and anybody that's watching online will have trouble hearing anything unless the phone is within 3 feet of you.

In addition to our regular DJ setup, below is a list of the hardware and software that we are using for Virtual Weddings:

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that we need the church or reception hall to have a strong enough Wi-Fi signal that will be able to reliably broadcast live on to Facebook or Zoom.

Adding a Virtual Wedding to your DJ booking

Planning a wedding is already a very stressful experience and I understand the hardship that the coronavirus might have brought upon you, so I wanted to extend the option to add a Virtual Wedding to your DJ booking with Crown DJ's for FREE.

If you've already booked me to be your Wedding DJ, just let me know that you're interested in making it a Virtual Wedding and I'll go over the logistics with you about how I can make it all possible.

And if you have not hired a Wedding DJ yet, please click here to learn about all of our other service offerings.

It's important to remember that a Virtual Wedding does require a few additional moving parts when it comes to adding it to your DJ booking and there are certain limitations and restrictions that are outside of my control which might make it impossible for me to render the Virtual Wedding Service.

Ultimately, a digital wedding is just like any other—things can go wrong but everyone realizes that this is a different experience and not what is expected, and you have my word that I'll do my very best to make it as flawless of an experience for you as possible.

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