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  • Derrick Heydon

What happens if I book someone not on the venue’s Approved Vendors List?

Before booking a venue for your wedding, you need to ask them if they have any restrictions as to what vendors you can and cannot include for your big day. This is also known as the Approved Vendors List.

Many wedding venues have strict standards that they like to uphold so they keep a list of pre-approved vendors that operate according to it. These vendors may include catering companies, event planners, florists, and DJs, among others. In most cases, this list will be very helpful to you as you plan your wedding.

The Approved Vendors List is often provided to clients as a resource when planning their wedding. It is important to note that some venues may require that clients to only hire vendors from that list, while others may allow clients to use vendors that are not on the list, but may charge additional fees.

Some common standards that wedding venues may have include:

  • Insurance: Many venues require all vendors to have liability insurance and/or workers' compensation insurance to protect the venue and clients from potential accidents or injuries.

  • Licensing: Some venues may require vendors to have certain licenses or certifications to operate in their area. For example, catering companies may need a food service permit.

  • Experience: Some venues may prefer to work with vendors who have a certain amount of experience or who have worked at the venue before.

  • Quality: Venues may have a standard of quality they expect vendors to meet. For example, catering companies may be required to use only fresh ingredients or florists may be expected to provide high-quality blooms.

  • Professionalism: Many venues expect vendors to have a certain level of professionalism and customer service. They expect vendors to be punctual, well-presented, and responsive to client needs.

  • Equipment: Some venues may require vendors to have certain equipment or to use specific types of equipment in order to protect the venue's property.

If your vendor of choice meets all of those requirements then you should have no problem getting them approved by your venue.

However, you may also run into an issue where none of the vendors on the list are available, and you’re forced to look for outside help. If so, contact the venue immediately to inquire about adding your new vendor to their Approved Vendors List. If the venue suggests paying any additional fees, tell them you don’t deserve to be penalized because their list was too restricting and nobody was available.

It is important to note that some venues may have strict policies regarding vendors and may not be willing to make exceptions, so it is best to clarify the policies with the venue early on in the planning process. The last thing you would want to run into on your wedding day is finding out the venue won’t let one of your vendors in because you picked someone that wasn’t already on the list.

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